Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Energize me!

I have such a hard time getting up in the mornings! And I just drag at work. (And it's only a 6-hour job at the school!) (Yesterday after work, I took Jacob to the orthodontist, the eye doctor and did Family Home Evening.....)

Today, though, I must have uncovered an extra battery as I zoomed around like the EverReady Bunny.....
*Threw my sheets in the wash; went to work....... took Sherry home... found some big rocks for our "Graduate Garden"
* Finished reading a booklet for my history class (on the bus to Viera's)
* Got home from work - put the trash out on the street
* Finished drying my bed sheets; made my bed up (love the 800 thread-count sheets!)
* Tidied the house; swept the kitchen and mopped it (used to be Heather's chores - now mine)
* Sorted through a stack of books Taija left out in the dining room last November
* Looked through some photo albums and put the Christmas Cards in sleeves in an album
* Made Dinner (Chinese noodles and stir fry)
* Cleaned up after dinner since Taija is at work tonight
* Read in my scriptures (1830 edition of the Book of Mormon!)
This may not sound so extraordinary, unless you consider that for the past year I've had reduced energy due to surgery, chemo treatments and radiation. Usually I just go to work, come home, sort mail, take care aof kids and go to bed.

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