Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it snow...

It's been snowing just about daily for 8 days now. The temperatures are freezing. When I went out today I took Jacob along with me and made him drive home in it. He did really well - going SLOWLY just like I told him. We saw a bunch of kids sliding down a hill on Vancouver and it reminded me of breaking my leg 3 years ago.

On that day, it was nice and snowy after Christmas - just like it has been now before Chirstmas. I just had to show the kids that I knew how to have fun, too. First time down I hit a chain-link fence. (It didn't 'give' like I had thought it would.) And my left leg was broken. Ouch! No one but a young boy came to help. Every time I see his mom I thank her for raising a great kid! I crawled up the slope, hopped to my car (my kids at least helped me out there) and drove home. Heather took me to the emergency room. I got a cast a couple days later. I haven't been sledding again since. Just like I haven't jumped on a trampoline after a twist ruined a disc in my back.