Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things aren't quite back to normal...

I'm back to work after lazying around for four months. My family medical leave ran out and if I didn't return Monday, I'd have had to re-apply for my position. (Don't know that too many would have really wanted the privilege of working with this kiddo at school, but it was time to get back.) The chemo is over - though the side effects aren't; the radiation just beginning. If only I had hair!

My eyes have been runny for over a week now, so it looks as if I'm crying all day long. The students notice. The staff treat me with kid gloves... Another side effect of the chemo is a UTI this week that keeps me trotting to the restroom.

Yesterday, my student, upchucked all over himself. This was, of course, just six minutes before the end of the school day. I ran to the restroom, grabbed some latex gloves then hastened over to get him up and cleaned. The other staff helped out as well. I got him to the restroom and had to change him completely - made harder by the fact that he wears arm braces which had to be removed, cleaned and put back on. Once his hair, face and clothes were clean, I waited with him for his Mom to show up. I was being Dedicated. Exhausted, but dedicated....

Waited a bit too long for Mom, though. Didn't trot to the rest room quickly enough afterwards and well..... you get the picture. I wrapped my coat about me and tried to discreetly leave the staff lounge; hoping to race to my car and home. But, just my luck... my coat caught in the door. This and all outside doors at the school automatically lock when shut. No amount of tugging would release my coat. I was trapped! What to do?

Luckily, the facing door was my classroom. I reached over and knocked on it until another staff member opened up. Seeing my predicament, she laughed. And laughed. And so did I. What else was there to do?

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